28 Oct 2016

10m JT65 overnight and today

Last night I decided to stay on 10m JT65 overnight. Not unexpectedly, there were no spots overnight. I shall check internet sync soon, although this should happen every 1000 seconds automatically if the internet connection holds up. Yesterday, the internet was not reliable. This is unusual as normally it is good.

UPDATE 0930z: Just did a manual resync to internet time "just in case".  No 10m spots overnight and so far today, but I see I spotted GD0TEP yesterday too on 10m JT65. This is an interesting distance. Could have been tropo, aircraft or backscatter.

UPDATE 1050z:  My 2W QRP 10m JT65 has been spotted in Greece and Spain. Es I assume. RK6MF (2838km) is currently the best DX on 10m JT65 RX here. I assume this is F2.

UPDATE 1106z: A45XO (5708km) in Oman is now the best RX DX on 10m JT65.

UPDATE 1122z:  EA5IDQ (1576km) in Spain now spotting my 10m JT65 (2W QRP). Looks like quite a widespread opening on 10m.

UPDATE 1606z: So far, 3 South Americans, in the Sao Paulo area of Brazil, spotted on 10m JT65.

UPDATE 1750z:  No further South Americans and USA still noticeably absent.

UPDATE 1802z: LX1JX (469km) spotted me 2 hours ago.

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