10 Oct 2016

10m JT65

Yet again, I gave 6m a miss and fired up on 10m JT65 this morning. As yet, no spots at all given o:r received on 10m JT65, but it is very early. JT65 is ideal as the solar activity slides on 10m.

As there are storms possible later, I may have to go QRT later in the day.

UPDATE 1015z: Not everyone gets uploaded to PSKreporter. I spotted a German at breakfast time and he is not showing on PSKreporter. Maybe there was a short glitch and I lost internet or PSKreporter was not reachable? More recently, I was spotted in Italy on 10m JT65 by IC8BNR (1646km). Es or backscatter?

UPDATE 1138z:  3B8CW (9751km) in Mauritius has again been spotted on 10m JT65. 4X1QQ (3551km) also spotted.

UPDATE 1452z: 4Z5ML (3571km) in Israel is the best DX on 10m JT65 TX.

UPDATE 1702z:  LU3VCC (12470km) is the best DX on 10m JT65 TX so far. I have also been spotted in Paraguay this evening.

UPDATE 1754z: 12 South Americans received on 10m JT65 RX so far this evening.

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