29 Oct 2016

6m and 10m JT65 and CQWW

4Z5ML (3571km) has already been spotted on 10m JT65 this morning despite a sunspot number of zero.

As I have a small window to operate on 10m SSB in the CQWW contest, I shall probably go on 6m JT65 soon in beacon mode.

UPDATE 1038z: G0LRD (25km) spotting me on 6m JT65, but no-one else. CQWW on 10m was slow with just a couple of Italians coming through earlier. So different from a few years ago.

UPDATE 1136z: G6NLZ (153km) near the South Coast of the UK has been spotted on 6m JT65. This was either by tropo or aircraft reflection.  I'll try 10m SSB CQWW again after lunch.

UPDATE 1918z:   Having returned to 10m JT65 I have spotted a couple of South Americas (Argentina and Brazil)  and I was spotted by OE3BUB (1228km) in Austria.So, not everybody is on CQWW!

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