13 Oct 2016

Autumn HF conditions?

Although we are now well in to autumn, apart from South Americans by what I assume is TEP, I have not (yet) seen a great improvement in HF conditions.

We are fighting a downwards solar cycle trend and, as yet, I have still to get any USA spots on 10m JT65. Conditions may still improve. The next few months are likely to be the best we are going to see for a very long time on 10m and conditions this autumn are well down on the last few years.

Last chances? It is now unlikely I'll see great 10m conditions ever again in my lifetime. That is a sobering thought. There are many in my agegroup who remember great HF conditions in past solar peaks.


pedro said...

There is a great movement on JT65 10M right now.
But still no usa today. Yesterday i got 5 US station.

73 de CS8ABY

Pedro-CS8ABY said...

Just spoted you

Roger G3XBM said...

Thank you Pedro. K4RUM and another Florida station coming through.