17 Oct 2016

F2 DX on 10m JT65

3B8CW (9751km) and EA8YV (3004km) were spotted on 10m JT65vearlier. As yet, nobody has spotted my QRP 10m JT65 signal.
UPDATE 1318z:  No further DX as yet and nothing, yet, from South America. Also, still no spots of my own signal on 10m JT65.

UPDATE 1344z: LU1HVK (11244km) in Argentina spotted my 2W QRP 10m JT65 11 minutes ago. We are now entering the Southern Hemisphere's Es season. I wonder if this helps very far south signals to get into the TEP zone?

UPDATE 1430z: My QRP 1m JT65 signal has been spotted by CS8ABY (2573km) in the Azores and by PY2NQ (9589km) in Brazil.


Pedro-CS8ABY said...

Hello Roger spoted you 14:01 utc


Roger G3XBM said...

Pedro - thank you.