27 Oct 2016

Salcombe Lifeboat Disaster, 100 Years On - NOT amateur radio

See http://salcombelifeboat.co.uk/lifeboat-disaster-centenary/ .

One hundred years ago today the small Devon town where I came from suffered a tragedy when the lifeboat overturned with the loss of life of most of the crew. Only two men survived. It was a tragedy in a small community.

There will be a special service to mark this 100 year anniversary.

One of my aunties witnessed the tragedy when she was a young girl.  Most of the crew were not young men as most of these were fighting in WW1.

To this day the RNLI crews go out in any weather to save lives. They are brave men and women.

See https://www.periscope.tv/w/1gqxvRAQEjgxB?q=salcombe for live coverage of the service.

UPDATE 1115z:  I watched the service live on the internet. It was a dignified affair with a packed church.  Sad to think that all the generation that remember this sad event are now long gone, but good that so many wished to remember them.

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