11 Dec 2016

10m JT65 overnight and Sunday

We have visitors and my shack involves walking through their room, so I remained on 10m JT65 overnight rather than moving to MF. It was interesting with LA9LOA (1414km) spotting my 2W QRP just after 0400z on 10m JT65. This is a very odd time.

UPDATE 1520z: G0LRD (25km) has also spotted my 2W QRP 10m JT65, but no DX as yet. Clearly David gets me better on 6m, as the antennas are somewhat better on that band.

UPDATE 1645z: G4CJC (73km) has been spotted on 10m JT65. As yet, no South Americans spotted on 10m JT65 here.

UPDATE 1944z: It looks like no DX on 10m JT65 here today. The chances of spotting South Americans, or being spotted myself, have probably gone for today. I'll stay on 10m overnight in case anything else pops up.

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