26 Dec 2016

10m JT65

For about an hour now I QSYed from MF WSPR to 10m JT65, really hoping to catch some winter Es on the band.

UPDATE 1124z: There is definitely Es about. I have copied stations in Slovakia and Poland and I was spotted by OE3BUB (1228km) in Austria and it is still early.

UPDATE 1154z: Now being spotted in Poland on 10m JT65 and spotting Sweden.

UPDATE 1416z: Widespread Es on 10m JT65.
Courtesy: https://www.pskreporter.info/pskmap.html
UPDATE 2056z:  Es was good on 10m JT65 today as the map below shows. This was a good example of wintertime Es in the northern hemisphere. The map shows who was spotting me and who I was spotting.
Courtesy: https://www.pskreporter.info/pskmap.html

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