29 Dec 2016

Recurring Dreams - NOT amateur radio

It is probably a very common theme to dream about upcoming exams and not having done any or enough revision. At one time I repeatedly dreamt about catching trains to Devon. Both probably are easily explained.

In recent years, I dream of being at work and about to retire again. Usually I am wondering how I am going to manage (again) on my pension. I have been retired now for almost 8 years!  I have no idea why I dream this!

In my current state of health there is no way I could work again. Apart from my health issues, I am very happy to be retired and I have no wish to return to a job.

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Anonymous said...


So I am not the only one who dreams of having an A Level Chemistry or Maths exam in a couple of days, and not having done any work for many months! It is most unpleasant.