14 Dec 2016

ULF amateur success

Stefan DK7FC has successfully decoded his radiated signal at 65km on 2.97kHz. He refers to an attachment that is not included here.

"Hi ULF,

My post-processing of the 4 day recording is still running, almost 50% of the data is shown on the spectrograms now.
I'm happy to confirm the successful decode of a
5 character EbNaut message over 65 km on the 101 km band, with a BIG SNR! It's the one which started on 08.DEC, 7 UTC. First there was no decode until i found that i made a mistake, the actual start of the transmission is 6:58:40 UTC, an offset of -1 symbol.
Capture in attachment. I also attach the wav file, if someone wants to play with it, the size is very small.

73, Stefan"

For EbNaut resources see: http://www.abelian.org/ebnaut/

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