11 Feb 2017

Analogue or switch mode PSUs?

Although I have a linear PSU, I am thinking of getting a new PSU  to complement the one I have. Although I mostly use QRP, it would be good to get one that will power a modern 100W rig. I think this means one that can run 25A without overload.

SMPSUs tend to be smaller, but can be noisy both electrically and because they tend to have fans. Linear PSUs tend to be larger, but often don't have fans.

Any recommendations?

At the moment W&S are offering a special deal on a linear PSU with a 2 year warranty.


G1KQH said...

Stick with linear!

73 Steve

John -GW3OIN said...

Hello Roger.
Last week my linear psu (Manson EP 925) started playing up and as I did not want to risk my new HF radio I decided to replace.
After due research, looking up reviews and so on, also a very helpful chat with Paul at Nevada Radio, I decided to go for a switch mode.
I took delivery on Friday of a Alinco DM 330 MW MK2. It is small, very nicely made and, so far no issues with fan noise or hash. Clearly more time needed to fully evaluate.
My old linear was about the size and weight of two house bricks and the fan was very noisy, otherwise very reliable over many years use. I sense that the better switch mode supplies are much improved from what they were just a few years ago.
Kind regards.
John - GW3OIN.

Richard Ayely said...

Stick with linear. Built mine out junk 20 years ago still running. Started the car with it last year. :)