12 Feb 2017

First UHF Radio

My very first UHF radio was a version of the synthesised FM320 Australian UHF FM CB mobile made by Philips. This was a 70cm amateur version. It was called the FM321. It produced 4W on TX and used channel numbers. I remember someone from Philips discussing producing an amateur band version, at an IEE conference I think.

Ergonomically it was excellent. It only got used at home, never mobile. It worked some impressive DX on UHF FM simplex. I cannot remember when it was sold.

If I am honest this was one of the best radios I ever had. It had no memories, no fancy gismos, but it worked well.  If my memory serves me, I used this with a TV J-Beam antenna (hand rotated) which still had about 10dB gain in the 70cm amateur band.

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