22 Feb 2017

Given up on 10m?

It would appear that most have given up on 10m and migrated to lower frequencies where there are easier pickings. Understandable, but a shame as it means there are now far fewer people around to catch the openings that still do occur on 10m.

For a long time I have recommended digital modes like WSPR or JT65 running in the background. Only low power is needed.  WSPR creates its own beaconing format, but sending "B callsign locator" in JT65 appears on PSK Reporter Maps, so you can soon see where your JT65 signal is being copied. Yes, 10m DX is still there, but harder to find now than a few years ago.

But, are you man enough to take the 10m challenge?

I have said before, but if all you want to do is chat to friends around the world you can do this by video for nothing on the internet. Amateur radio is about learning and pushing the boundaries. For many years 10m will be that final HF frontier.

Care to join us?


Jan, OZ9QV said...

As you say, 10m is not dead.
I have been monitoring WSPR very close to 24/7 from late 2016, and when I look at spots a week back, no period has failed providing me with a non OZ spot or more. This morning VK2KRR was spotted twice here, once with -6dB, i.e. quite good.
Also 10m seems to be waking a bit up after the deep of winter, with the 4X6TU beacon coming in close to every morning the past week.
I have not yet tried JT65, but will do some time.
Some more 6m activity is in the planning as well. Last year was quite good to me in the Es season.

Vy 73 de OZ9QV, Jan

Канал GAMEBOT said...

EURAO Party - Winter 2017: 10m FM.

I think a good chance to revive the 10 m.
73! Pavel, RA7RA