25 Feb 2017

Now on 10m JT65

Since about 1045z, I have QSYed to 10m JT65 hoping to catch some N-S DX. Yesterday was quite good on 10m with South America coming through even with my poor antenna. Today could be as good.

At this point in the solar cycle we get openings less often, but they still occur. I know one Danish station who has been spotting an Australian station regularly on 10m WSPR. Although JT65 is theoretically a few dB worse than WSPR, there seems to be more activity on that mode.

UPDATE 1428z:  LU8DIO (11228km) has been spotted on 10m JT65.

UPDATE 1510z: Now PY2FA (9580km) spotted. This is starting to look like last autumn! There are other stations in South America who were not being uploaded to PSK Reporter Maps, probably because I lost internet connection?

UPDATE 1555z: 2E0CIT (94km) spotted.

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