21 Feb 2017

UK Pound to Euro exchange rate - NOT amateur radio

It is my view that the Euro will lose value this year so the UK Pound will buy more Euros. Of course, I could be entirely wrong! The reasons for thinking this are:
  • Greek debt is still a big issue and there will be fewer nations able to bail them out.
  • Several nations are disillusioned with the Euro project and are worried by totally free movement within the EU.
  • Several nations are in favour of tariff-free borders to trade but are nervous of ever closer integration.
  • I think the UK will show the world it can succeed outside of the EU.
No, several things point to an improved exchange rate. As for the US Dollar and the Japanese Yen exchange rates, I am less clear.

By the way, in last year's EU referendum I voted to "remain" in the EU. I believe the EU faces a difficult year ahead and this year will be "crunch time".

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