21 Apr 2017

6m MSK144 RX abd 10m WSPR TX

Well, more in hope than expectation, I am on 10m WSPR TX (500mW, 100%) as well as 6m MSK144 RX. On 6m, 3 stations in England so far with the best DX 210km. No spots on 10m thus far, although I am not really expecting much on 10m.

UPDATE 0805z: Now 6 stations in 2 countries on 6m. Best DX now 507km.

UPDATE 0925z: Now 7 stations in 2 countries on 6m.

UPDATE 1124z: Now 13 stations in 4 countries on 6m.

UPDATE 1934z: Now 17 stations in 9 countries in last 12 hours on 6m MSK144 RX.

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